Live. Love. Dance.

Henry “kidspin” Kasdon loves to dance. Combining his athletic experience and love for music, he started out his dance career as a freshman at Tufts University in 1998 as a bboy. He quickly spread into all styles of hip hop, and throughout his college career he expanded into jazz, modern, and various cultural dances. After graduating in 2002, Henry joined Rainbow Tribe and began teaching hip hop at Boston University and Harvard University. In the following years he expanded to various elementary schools, high schools and dance studios. He was featured in the only Boston episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, and has choreographed multiple routines for Boston Ballet. In 2008 Henry cofounded Bside and has been director ever since. He teaches master classes all over New England as well as his ongoing classes above. As a DJ, drummer, entrepreneur, coach, husband and father, he has a very full life – but there is always time to dance.

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